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Echoes From The Ashes by Christa Hedrick, a tale about reincarnation and the Holocaust

Meet Christa

The Author


Christa is retired and lives in Rector, a small town in Northeast Arkansas. Although Rector is the town of her birth, she grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast and spent 15 years as a military wife, which afforded her the opportunity to live in many different places, including Germany. Living abroad was an experience she loved, crediting it with broadening her mind and awakening a sense of living in a world community.

"I've found people to be about the same wherever I go, some kind, some not-so-much, they usually all want to be accepted for what they are," she says. "When it comes right down to it, each of has dreams, needs and challenges or responsibilities. How we reach for all those things makes the difference in how we feel about ourselves and how we treat each other." Another belief of hers is that everyone has something to teach someone else. That process will help both of them to grow.

A few years ago she and her friend, Lana Swearingen, co-authored a book about their lives as military wives and the two other women who all met and became friends while their husbands were stationed at Ramstein AFB in Germany in the mid 70s. The four women, who still get together once a year, have remained friends as their lives have taken them on different journeys and to different parts of the country. "We Were Army Wives" is available on Amazon.com  


She currently writes a column/blog for the Clay County Times Democrat keeping everyone abreast of the “goings on” around her small town. She has also creates and maintains websites including the Rector website: www.rectorarkansas.com

The Inspiration

At nineteen years of age, Christa was 

living in Nuremberg, Germany as a young military wife. It was her first time to be out in the world as an adult and she hadn't known what to expect when she arrived. All she knew of Germany was from books and movies of WWII. She expected to meet anger and resentment. Instead, she found people to be friendly and welcoming, grateful for the help the Americans gave in rebuilding their country. Conversations with those who had lived and fought in the war taught her that these people were no different from the people back home. These weary, worn out soldiers had been young patriotic men during the war, much like her own father. 

   Years later when she was again living in Germany she visited the Dachau Memorial and knew she had to tell the stories of the people who had passed through the horror of the Holocaust. 

The Book

"Echoes From The Ashes" is fiction, but all the stories about the things that happened in the camps and to the citizens of Germany at the hands of the Nazis are rooted in actual events that happened many times over. It was a time of incredible cruelty against innocent people. She wanted to make them real for her readers to lift them up, those who survived the unimaginable and those who now soar free. 


Book Club

I am thrilled to announce that "Echoes From The Ashes" has been selected as the February book to read by the Like Minds Book Club in Rector. I will be making a  presentation to the group at the February meeting on the 26th. I am looking forward to talking about the story and how I came to to write it. I am looking forward to them having a lot of questions.

The book club meeting was a wonderful experience. I have known the women in the club, since I moved to Rector in 1994 so I knew they would be gracious. But it was my first time to present to a book club and a room full of intelligent people who had already read "Echoes From The Ashes."

I know it can be a hard book to read, because of the scenes of things that happened at the hands of the Nazis. I wasn't sure how it would be accepted. 

They had lots of questions after I told them how I came to the decision to write this particular book. The questions eventually evolved into a discussion of all the facets of the book. Reincarnation is something many of them did not believe in so this prompted questions of my thoughts about past and future lives.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, filled with good conversation, good food and some Rector's most gracious women. Thank you so much for the opportunity to you about my book, my resident ghost and some of my deepest feelings. Like Minds Book Club.


Meet the Author

Book signing/ Sale and Presentation

Madpies Tea Room and Shoppes

On the Square in Piggott

Saturday, November 4

11:00 - 2:00.


Meet the Author

Book Signing/Sale Presentation

Rector Welcome Center

Main Street, Rector

Saturday, December 2

Noon- 2:00

KAIT8 Midday

 Christa was a guest on KAIT8 Midday at 11:00 on Thursday, November 30. Diana Davis interviewed her about "Echoes From the Ashes." Christa told Diana that the seed for writing this book was planted in 1977 when she took a trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. 


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