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Echoes From The Ashes by Christa Hedrick, a tale about reincarnation and the Holocaust

Book Reviews

P. Laster

 Five stars is because I love/ respect the author, who is a friend. But, I had trouble with the 1943 sections, though I know they were a big part of the book. If I couldn't get past the white-on-black violence in Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees, and if I didn't like Christa so much, I would have abandoned the book at the first flashback. But I didn't. Though I wasn't much interested in the details of Elyse's credit-union work, I read on. I loved the love story, the camaraderie of the group and the final breakthrough leading to a happy ending. I'm better off knowing all this, but it was a difficult read. Soldier on, readers, soldier on. 


Cal Paranteau, Kerrville, TX

 Echoes From The Ashes encompasses many lives that magically re-meet in a different world at a different time. Christa shows remarkable sensitivity in her portrayal of these human experiences. Her knowledge and mastery of words encouraged me to zoom through the book to reach a surprising ending! Her characters are vivid and enthralling. I enjoyed the book. Well done Christa! 

Jessie Malin, Rector, AR

  I finished it. The book was fascinating. The ups and downs and the real possibility of reincarnation made the book even better. Also there are some really romantic times as well as the intense times. A great read. I give it a four star rating.   

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Joanne Roth, Georgia


I am so impressed with this book. I have totally enjoyed it. Her writing is very conversational and gives you the feeling the character, Elyse, is speaking to you personally. I love her prose, and the syntax of her sentences makes for such a rewarding read. I will read her again. 

John Moulton, Allen, TX



This thought-provoking peek into the supernatural brings with it a glimpse into young lives taken at the hands of nazi Germany, when the lost souls of innocent children are reborn into the unsuspecting consciousness of a small group brought together by fate in modern-day America. This charming and sometimes purposefully unsettling tale of death and rebirth transport the reader from the known to the infinitely unknowable. An excellent story told in an easily absorbed style. In a favourite passage, the author writes: "She didn't try to organize or decipher these feelings. She just let them wash past her. They brushed up against her consciousness, touched her soul, and drifted by, awaiting their time." - Very nice. If you like to tease yourself with the possibilities of reincarnation, this novel will warm your heart."    

John is the author of  "White Ashes", a mystery thriller, available on Amazon.com

Jane Gatewood, Rector, AR


I have read the book. Your vocabulary and word pictures, action verbs, romance language, and tension building scenes are beyond remarkable to me. You have that talent and it is to be admired, which I do.  While necessary to the overall plot of the book, Elyse's work is "tedious" and I skimmed that to get on with the interactions among the friends. (Bruce's death - how powerful is that. Bruce had to atone for the old man's actions, though...ugh) 

 The Time and Again Antique Store is a solidifying motif and in all my junkin', I've dreamed of finding something like the music box, jewelry box, with a secret inside. If I could find an item on Ebay with an engraving I recognize, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.  

 How you tied all the characters together was wonderful, beyond wonderful - brilliant.    Elyse has some philosophies which she shares that take on a "preachy" tone sometimes, but I know you worked hard to get those messages out there without being that way.  While Elyse needed to say what she said, the narrator's voice became loud at times. I appreciated her world view and I know it needed to characterize the essence of the life lessons we all learn along the way. (just saying...) SMILE    You are a better writer than Danielle Steel (her stories have become more narrations than anything), I'll tell you that, for sure. The conversations in Echoes really told the story and each character had his/her own voice. Well Done!   I began to dread the visits to the past, but read the pieces with the same fear, loathing, and trepidation I'm sure you meant for readers to have.    I'm glad the baby was not named Rachel. That would have been "over the top." The meaning of Rebecca's name, though, was perfect.    I appreciate the love story with the suggestion of intimacy without the details. That was a subplot (same with Claire and Bruce), but it gave depth to Elyse's and Robert's affection and connection (I'm glad they married). Robert's story is astounding. Each character's story is pitch-perfect.    How on earth did you design this book?  Did you know the ending before it started? Did you work from a plot outline, or did it take on a life of its own? I've never known a REAL NOVELIST in REAL LIFE.  You are a pro!

Lana Swearingen, Mesa, AZ


As Christa Hedrick's editor, I read this book many times. Now I read it over and over because I cannot get enough of her characters, all of whom jump off the pages and become real people. One does not have to believe in reincarnation to be transported into the days of the Holocaust and into an alternative reality. Christa weaves a heart-warming and heart-wrenching story that will take you from the agony of a bygone time, to love, understanding and redemption. Her vivid writing style gives one the sense of being there and experiencing the same emotions as her characters. You will not be able to walk away from this book without smiling through your tears. 

Lana is co-author of "We Were Army Wives" and "Ladies Night Out." Both are available on Amazon